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Corrugated boxes provide one of the most versatile ways to ship any number of products, from food items and electronics to auto parts and office furniture. If your business relies on large quantities of boxes for daily shipping around the country or across the globe, Piedmont National can supply you with the top-quality boxes to meet your needs. As one of the nation’s largest suppliers of innovative industrial packaging supplies and solutions, Piedmont National has immediate availability of numerous cartons which are designed and tailored for many applications, such as moving, file storage, transporting hazardous materials, and insulating perishables.

Our extensive inventory includes more than 1,000 sizes of corrugated boxes in a wide variety of styles, including:

In addition to offering a huge selection of corrugated boxes, we can help you create custom boxes based on your size specifications and needs. Plus, we can further customize your wholesale boxes by including your business name, logo, and other identifying features – and we can even keep your branded boxes in stock for immediate delivery so that you won’t have to store them at your own facility.

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