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Void Fill & Cushioning

bubble wrap

Void fill is necessary to ensure that whatever you’re shipping stays safe from vibrations, shock, and abrasions, whether its crystal vases or sensitive electronics. As one of the largest packaging supplies distributors in the country, Piedmont National provides customers with a wide variety of void fill options to meet many specifications and applications. Partnering with

Warehouse Labeling Supplies

warehouse labeling supplies

No matter if you need simple rack labels & signs or unique designs, Piedmont has the design and production expertise to handle any needs. Our team will work with you to ensure the end product meets your precise requirements.  Whether it is warehouse labeling or signage we will provide the necessary tools to make your

Kraft Papers

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Kraft Papers can be used for void fill, surface protection, interleaving, wrapping, cushioning, and moisture-absorption applications. Most of these paper products are also biodegradable, recyclable, and made from recycled material. Piedmont National features versatile paper products that meet each company’s individual needs.

Bubble and Poly Mailers

bubble and poly mailers hero 2

Bubble cushioned mailers are lightweight and padded and are ideal for items needing extra protection in transit. Piedmont National carries a full range of sizes and products of poly bubble mailers and envelopes too meet the individual shipping needs of your company.

Corner & Surface Protection

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Piedmont National supplies edge protectors, pallet cones, and strapping protectors, among other items, to protect the surfaces, edges, and corners of your shipments. Our durable products provide protection and support that helps to maintain load integrity and improves stacking strength, while safeguarding palletized loads from potential damage.

Stretch Film

stretch film

As one of the nation’s largest independent distributors of packaging supplies and equipment, Piedmont National carries an unmatched selection of cast and blown stretch film (or stretch wrap) products in varying widths, lengths, colors, and gauges from top manufacturers. Cast films are suitable for most wrapping jobs, offering a quiet unwind and crystal-clear optics so that

Shrink Film

shrink film hero

Shrink film (or shrink wrap, as it is also known) has the ability to provide a clear, attractive appearance and form-fitting seal, which is vital for the protection of your products before and during shipping. Whether you manufacture hygienic products, pharmaceuticals, or food and beverage items, Piedmont National offers a wide selection of shrink film


strapping hero image

Strapping is useful in a variety of packaging applications from bundling items together to securing pallets to flatbed trailers. Regardless of your uses, Piedmont National has the strapping products you can rely on to effectively secure your items.  

Tapes & Adhesives

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As a leading supplier of industrial and commercial adhesive tapes, we carry thousands of tapes for almost every application. Offering tremendous depth and knowledge of different tape solutions, Piedmont National offers a wide variety of tapes and adhesives to support your company’s individual needs.

Corrugated Boxes

corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes provide one of the most versatile ways to ship any number of products, from food items and electronics to auto parts and office furniture. If your business relies on large quantities of boxes for daily shipping around the country or across the globe, Piedmont National can supply you with the top-quality boxes to

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