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innovative Packaging Solutions since 1950.

Lantech – Founded in 1972 Lantech has more than 60,000 packaging equipment placements worldwide and is the originator of stretch wrapping technology. Lantech’s passion has always been your operation’s uptime, accessible customer support and the highest machine performance.

Featured Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Lantech Q-300

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping System


  • Maximum versatillity. Wraps large, tall, heavy or fragile loads including doors, windows and more!

  • Choose from hundreds of options to customize your machine to meet your specific requirements.

  • The utmost in safety. No pinch points or trip hazards. All motors and wires are completely enclosed.

  • Intuitive controls require little or no training.

  • Lean manufacturing process builds in quality and reliability.

  • Years of trouble-free and worry-free operation.

  • No scheduled preventative maintenance.

Increase productivity even more.  Upgrade to a Q-300XT stretch wrapper.

  • Work Smarter . . . Keep your driver on the fork truck!
  • Patented XT Cut and Clamp® automatically captures the stretch film and cuts it at the end of the wrap cycle.
  • Save two minutes of fork truck driver labor per load.

Lantech Q-300XT

Simple Automation Stretch Wrapping System


Work smarter. . . Keep your driver on the fork truck!

  • All of the features and benefits of our popular Q-300 with automation added:

    (1) Patented XT Cut and Clamp® automatically captures the stretch film and cuts it at the end of the wrap cycle.

    (2) Save two minutes of fork truck driver labor per load.

  • No scheduled preventative maintenance.

Eliminate the “run-around” with Simple automation in a fast – paced environment.

Q-300XT automatically attaches and cuts the film. Equipped with a fully protected mechanical cut
& clamp. Improve productivity by keeping the operator on the fork truck

Lantech S-300XT

Simple Automation Stretch Wrapping System

Lantech S300XT

The S-300XT has saved many of our customers hours of forktruck and operator time every day! The forktruck operators don’t have to wait for their loads to be wrapped, and they don’t have to get off the forktruck. They just pull a lanyard switch to start the machine, and they are on their way. The film is automatically attached and cut. The operators are free to do other things in the plant.

The S-300XT is equipped with Pallet Grip®, the patented solution that locks your load to the pallet to reduce load shifting, product damage, and returned goods. 

Voted BEST BRAND in Stretch Wrapping Systems by readers of Industrial Equipment News.\

Lantech Q-1000

Automatic Conveyorized Stretch Wrapping System

Lantech Q1000


Efficient Load Handling

  • Wraps 45-60 loads per hour.
  • Industrial duty conveyor, closed-space rollers, 4000 lbs. capacity.
  • Options available to custom build to meet specific needs.
  • Eliminate forktruck jams.


“Touchless” Film Cutting System

  • Cutter wire safely guarded and hot only when necessary.
  • Length of time for heated impulse is adjustable for film thickness and ambient temperature.
  • Cutter wire does not come into contact with film, eliminates film build-up on wire for a clean, consistent cut.


Transition Photocells / System Guarding

  • Transition photocells mounted on either side of the turntable for easy access.
  • If photocell beam is broken during the wrap cycle, the machine will immediately shut down.
  • Complete system guarding and safety signage standard on all models.


Lantech S-2500

Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapping System

Lantech S2500


  • Lan-Logix
  • Power Roller Stretch Plus 250% Stretch
  • 60-80 loads per hour.
  • User-friendly system with simple maintenance.
  • Reliable operation in demanding high speed applications.
  • Optimizes film yield and load contain- ment performance.
  • Designed for continuous needs of a three shift operation.

RL Automatic

Stretch Wrapping System


Loads are Harder to Wrap Than Ever!

Do it for less. Don’t hurt the environment. Use less stretch film. Reduce primary packaging. Go faster. Get better.

These are today’s stretch wrapping challenges. They’ve spawned an epidemic of fragile and demanding loads that are harder than ever to stretch wrap. And yesterday’s technology doesn’t give you the tools to do the job.

So we reinvented stretch wrapping.

Our exclusive, patented LeanWrap innovations give you what you need to manage the performance of your loads and meet today’s stretch wrapping challenges.

Stop breaking stretch film. Stop twisting loads. Stop loads from sliding off the pallets. Stop destructive film tails. Stop guessing if your loads are wrapped properly.

Take control of your stretch wrapping. Use new technology to manage the process.

Do it for less. Don’t hurt the environment. Use less stretch film. Reduce primary packaging. Go faster. Get better.

Other Stretch Wrapping Equipment


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