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Innovative Packaging Solutions since 1950.

Carton & Case Packing


Production starts with proper case forming and erecting. We pride ourselves on providing a number of options to get your production started down the right path.

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Used Equipment


Piedmont National offers a limited supply of used equipment sold on a first come first served bases.

Used Equipment →

Void Fill Equipment


Produce bubble on demand at astonishing numbers within minutes. We carry the fastest inflation systems available, making packaging material on demand easier than ever.

Void Fill Equipment →


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We offer a number of solutions to meet your packaging and bagging needs.

Baggers →

Lantech Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Lantech S2500

We are proud to offer Lantech products. Founded in 1972 Lantech has more than 60,000 packaging equipment placements worldwide and is the originator of stretch wrapping technology.

Lantech Stretch Wrapping Equipment →

Strapping Equipment

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We offer a number of brands and strapping machines to meet your production needs.

Strapping Equipment →

Shrink Wrappers and Bundling Systems


We’ve partnered with manufacturers that produce straightforward, operator-friendly, and easy to maintain wrappers for your production needs.

Shrink Wrappers and Bundling Systems →



From low, medium, to heavy loads we are dedicated to finding the right conveyor to meet your production needs.

Conveyors →

Case Sealers


We offer a number of case sealer systems, from semi automatic to automatic, targeted at providing your organization with a simple solution.

Case Sealers →

Shrink Sleeves

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Piedmont offers a variety of Shrink Sleeve options to fit all of your businesses needs

Shrink Sleeves →
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