hand wrapping stretch film

Lantech G-Series Starter pack

Everything you need to stop handwrapping!

With tighter wraps you get safer, more secure loads. Delivery, set-up and installation included – you’re trained and running in no time!

Starting at $7,652.00

*Deal offered for as little as $3,000 down

Starter Pack Includes:

  • Fast and reliable freight delivery
  • 1 pallet of stretch film (40 rolls, 5,000’/roll, 7 micron 20″ film)
  • Installation by an experienced Lantech trained service technician
  • Strongly recommended: Pallet Grip available as an option. Ask us why!

Wrap Cycle Pause

Pause the machine whenever you want, and start right where you left off, without resetting the machine.

G Force Film Delivery System

Allows for tension control optimizing film containment of loads.

Banding Mode

Stops film carriage at selected heights and applies specified number of film revolutions. Legendary Lantech Durability and performance is built into every G-Series stretch wrapper.