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Wasteful Packaging Processes

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A wasteful packaging process can result in overspending on your packaging process, frustration for the customer, and additional time and labor. It can also result in increased shipping costs. Having an efficient, less wasteful packaging process is vital to your company’s continued growth. To reduce waste you should avoid the following practices:

Too much void fill, or the wrong type of void fill

Whether you are using foam, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, or paper void fill, every type of product needs it’s own unique packaging to make sure that it does not get damaged during the shipping process. Making sure that your void fill is being used efficiently and effectively can reduce waste as well as decrease the number of packages that are damaged during transit. We offer custom void fill solutions for all of your needs.


Having the correct type of box for your product can increase your overall bottom line. If the box that you are shipping your product in is too big, then it leads to more space for the product to shift or move during the shipping process. Having a box that is too small to protect your package can also be a problem. When packaging an item you need enough room to cushion the product. You can also use the packaging to enhance the overall user experience.


For smaller items, using a mailer can be a cost-effective way to ship your product. Using the correct size mailer is very important. Having the correct size can reduce waste as well as decrease your overall shipping costs created by DIM weight. The correct type of mailer can also protect your package from damage.

Stretch Wrapping

Using an automated stretch wrapping system can decrease the amount of stretch wrap that you use per pallet. It can also decrease the chance of your pallet getting damaged during transit.

In addition to the added benefit of increasing your bottom line, using less wasteful packaging processes can improve your overall customer satisfaction and decrease your costs significantly, saving you money.

For more innovative packaging solutions that decrease wasteful packaging, contact your Piedmont National team today!

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