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Stretch Your Stretch Wrapping Dollar

Stretch money

From Lantech:

You’re driving home after work and your gas light is on…again. You notice a gas station selling gas for $3.50/gallon and another selling the same gas for $1.50/gallon. Which station are you pulling into? It’s a no brainer. You’re going to pay the least amount to get the most.

While deals like that are few and far between, there’s another deal you can take advantage of when it comes to stretch film economy. You have the choice to pay about $36 for 6,000 ft. of film or $36 for 18,000 ft. Which would you choose? More than likely, the latter of the two options. If you want this deal you have to make sure your stretch wrapper is equipped with pre-stretch.

Pre-stretch is the process of elongating film inside the film delivery system to increase the yield of the roll. Inside the film delivery system two rollers turn at two different speeds to pre-stretch the film before it is applied to the load. To read more about saving money through stretch wrapping, take a look at Lantech’s latest blog post. 

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