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Rule of Thumb When Buying a Stretch Wrapper

rule of thumb

From Lantech: When you’re thinking about buying a new stretch wrapper, figuring out your average loads per day isn’t a bad place to start. However, an average is just that; it’s not the whole story and it can even be misleading. Read more on Lantech’s blog.


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First quarter is a great time to review the previous year’s successes and struggles and to start thinking about how to address your packaging process in order to increase your productivity. Below are five ways that you can set yourself up for success and optimize your end of line packaging processes in 2017:   REORGANIZE Reorganizing

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Bundle Your Case Sealer

Here at Piedmont National we offer a unique opportunity to save your company money with our packing promotions. Offers that group your equipment purchases into a bundle that has everything you need to get the automated process started will not only save your company money, but will also have your new packaging processes up and


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2016 is a new year, a new chance to start fresh, and an opportunity for you to make new goals for your business to meet. One of those goals might be faster, more efficient packaging and production, and Piedmont National can help you meet those goals. One way you can increase your productivity is through the

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Did you know Piedmont National offers a comprehensive range of facility and janitorial supplies and equipment that can help you achieve dramatic cost-savings through our sourcing strategies and inventory-management solutions? Having a clean, sanitary, and hygienic work environment should be top priority for any successful business, empowering employees to be more efficient, healthier, and happier on the job.

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