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Five ways to increase productivity

workplace productivity

First quarter is a great time to review the previous year’s successes and struggles and to start thinking about how to address your packaging process in order to increase your productivity. Below are five ways that you can set yourself up for success and optimize your end of line packaging processes in 2017:



Reorganizing workstations and warehouses might seem like a hassle, but it’s a low-cost, quick, and simple solution that will reveal key aspects of struggles in the way your items are being packaged. It can help you to see what you have and what you need to replace. It will alleviate nagging problems like jumbled, inefficient or unused tools. Addressing your organization issues as well as changing the set up to improve ergonomics of the workspace can help your employees be happier and healthier, and will ultimately optimize the packaging process.


Maintaining a clean work environment is crucial and has many benefits. There is a direct correlation between a clean work environment and improved employee health, meaning a clean, clutter and stress-free environment can help reduce the number of employee sick days. A sparkling workplace also preserves and protects building assets, preventing excessive wear and extending the lifespan on surfaces & equipment. Along with staying clean, staying organized reduces the amount of clutter and will help to eliminate safety hazards on the manufacturing floor.



An audit of the amount of wasted materials your packaging process sees is a great place to start when you’re discussing optimizing your packaging process and decreasing your spend. For example, the savings in reducing material waste by switching from using hand-help applications to an automated solution can return the equipment investment in record time. Automating your process not only saves in material costs, but can also reduces labor. To find out more about product waste click here.



It is important to take a systematic approach to keeping your packaging processes up and running at optimal performance. Keeping your machines well maintained will keep them lasting longer and running smoother. Scheduling regular preventative maintenance for your packaging machinery is the most cost effective way to ensure maximum up time and compliance with your packaging machinery.



Making sure you have the right packaging equipment for the job can be a cornerstone to your business. Having the correct packaging materials can increase productivity, decrease damage, save on labor costs, and optimize your entire packaging process.To learn more about mastering your supply chain optimization click here.

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