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Facility Supplies

Facility Supplies

Did you know Piedmont National offers a comprehensive range of facility and janitorial supplies and equipment that can help you achieve dramatic cost-savings through our sourcing strategies and inventory-management solutions? Having a clean, sanitary, and hygienic work environment should be top priority for any successful business, empowering employees to be more efficient, healthier, and happier on the job.

Partner with Piedmont national to help you run your facility with innovative and reliable products, services, and equipment. With a multitude of solutions and nationally recognized brands, we can supply your company with the tools you need to keep your business facilities in tip-top shape, without breaking the budget or decreasing efficiency.

Going Green? We can help with that too! Most facility workers are looking for products that work effectively and fast, but some go above and beyond and choose only products that will not have a negative impact on our environment. Piedmont National can supply your company with the necessary tools to keep your company eco-friendly, cost-effective, and squeaky-clean. Why not be environmentally friendly, economical, and efficient? With Piedmont National’s help you can cover (and clean) all your bases.


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