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Reduce Damage Through Packaging Efficiency

Reduce Damage through packaging efficiency

Consumers can purchase almost anything they desire online and have it shipped to their front door. Often, the packaging needs of these items exceed the parameters of a box filled with protective packaging materials. For every product that is shipped (even the ones that fit inside a regular box), it is imperative to consider the implications of damage occurred during the shipping process and understand how to reduce damage. Damaged items are costly to your business: either being completely disposed of, or needing to be rebuilt or repaired and then restocked, re-handled and reshipped (incurring more packaging supplies and shipping costs).

There is nothing more frustrating than a damaged product. A product arriving at its destination with damages is a headache to the consumer, to the business, and to the environment. Reducing this damage will reduce both your company’s waste and the environmental impacts, but most importantly it can also decrease the chance of a dissatisfied customer. Happy customers are returning customers, and safely arriving packages are less likely to be returned, both of which will affect your company’s bottom line.

To damage proof your packaging make sure that your are using the appropriate materials for your packaging process.


Having the correct amount and type of void fill can reduce the chances of your end product being damaged during the shipping process.

Corner and Surface Protection

Assuring that your pallets are protected at the most vulnerable points is a key element to making sure that your product arrives with out a problem.


Strapping gives you the assurance that you need to make sure that your pallets arrive intact. The variety of strapping that Piedmont offers can secure any product.


To reduce damage, sometimes it is necessary to think outside of the box. Innovative packaging solutions that are customized to the needs of your product and packaging processes are what Piedmont National specializes in. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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