Industry Solutions: Food Packaging Solutions

By forming strategic alliances with industry partners, you can cultivate innovative solutions for your company’s food packaging and distribution centers. The primary focal points of end-of-line food packaging are:  delivering foods and beverages safely and securely, reducing waste, lowering costs and optimizing processes to adequately meet the growing demand for products in a timely manner.

Delivering foods and beverages safely and securely

Packaging materials utilized for food preparation and distribution serve a much more important purpose than many realize. Ensuring food products are appropriately shielded through shipment and delivery is important in guaranteeing consumer safety. For example, the difference in using paper void fill vs. bubble wrap is huge when you’re talking about protecting from leaks. Investment in quality supplies regarding your food packaging is critical, and it is also important to ensure prudent processes are followed to certify requisite hygiene, safety and security.

Reducing waste

Superior food packaging reduces waste. If you are wasting food because of poor packaging you are wasting money and also increasing your company’s environmental impact. Ensuring appropriate food product storage is one of the simplest ways of reducing waste or contamination resulting from improper preservation. Effective packaging contributes to food protection and preservation while increasing shelf life and decreasing waste. To learn more about protective packaging click here.

Lowering cost and optimizing processes

When focusing on process optimization, automation should be considered for increased production as it is much more sustainable. As food industry packaging serves many functions, employing automation to ‘do more with less’ will lower operating costs while creating positive environmental footprints and presenting a higher yield solution.

With a myriad of packaging and shipping possibilities unique to the food distribution industry, it’s important to consider the broader picture to achieve the prime goal of seeing that products are delivered in pristine condition.