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Industry Solutions: Craft Brewing

The craft brewing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s market, growing at a rate of nearly two breweries a day. Increases in production can be a huge undertaking for small breweries, with rising raw material costs and labor causing problems with potential growth. One way to ease this transition without increasing labor costs is to use the most efficient packaging process for your company.


The Combi Brewpack case /carrier erector and inserter is an affordable muliti function end of the line solution for bottled beverages. The mechanical design of Brewpack simultaneously forms RSC corrugated cases and four or six pack chipboard carriers. Once the erected case and carriers are staged into a packing head, the carriers are carefully guided into the case. A case conveyor then drives the bottle ready case out of the machine for packing. For added flexibility, the Brewpack easily integrates with a fully automatic pneumatic bottle packer and a semi-automatic hand packing station for complete bottle case packing lines.

Q-300 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

The Lantech Q300 Stretch Wrapping System offers maximum versatility and can be customized for your brewery’s needs. It offers multiple safety features to protect your workers. For example, the controls are very intuitive, requiring very little training. The Q300 can help you to increase your production speed and help to decrease your load damage costs through Lantech’s Pallet Grip technology.


Labeling can be an issue when craft brewers are considering moving to a larger scale production process. Most craft brewers label cold, wet bottles and the moisture makes it difficult for an adhesive to properly function. A good solution to dry the bottle and allow the label to adhere is for craft brewers to install a high-velocity air blower system at the labeler in-feed. Using this type of system will allow you to blow the condensation off of the bottles right before they are labeled, giving as optimal conditions as possible for labeling cold bottles.

Technical Service

Piedmont offers Technical Services and training for all of our customers. We have factory-trained service technicians who can install your new equipment, perform preventative maintenance, and provide ongoing technical support, ensuring that all individual pieces of equipment in your packaging system are integrated to meet, and even exceed, your expectations.