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Are broken pallets causing product damage?

Investing in reliable stretch wrapping equipment is a key part to your packaging process. Your stretch-wrapper needs to be able to reliably wrap your pallet tightly and securely, so that your business can deliver the highest quality items possible to your customers. We offer stretch film and stretch wrapping equipment that can provide the protection that your company needs.

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Stretch Film Tails and Containment Force

Can stretch wrapping equipment reduce broken pallets? 

Reduce pallet damage by tightly wrapping pallets, securing stretch film tails, and stacking pallets evenly. You can determine how tightly to wrap your pallet by calculating its containment force. You can calculate containment force with a measurement tool or simply wrap the pallet as tightly as you can without breaking the film. Your pallet will become less secure if the containment force loses integrity in your warehouse or during transit.


Additionally, pallets can become less secure and uneven if the tail created from leftover stretch film gets snagged on equipment such as conveyors and forklifts. You can avoid damage from film tails by turning the tail into a cable and attaching it to the bottom of the pallet, attaching film clamps, adjusting machine settings, or applying heat sealers.


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Protect Your Pallets and Your Bottom Line

Increased automation can save time and money for your employees. 

Reduce pallet damage by investing in stretch wrappers that can automatically cut stretch film at the end of a wrap cycle, saving two minutes per load for your associates. Stretch wrapping equipment that is designed to automatically cut stretch film can save 1.5 minutes on average and save your facility $7,292 over 5 years for 50 palletized loads per day. Stretch wrapping machinery that can automatically attach and cut stretch film can save packaging facilities $29,165 on average. Invest in automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers that provide superior protection to reduce damage and protect your bottom line.


Are you wrapping your pallet correctly? 

Wrapping your pallet tightly in the middle can often be enough to secure the whole pallet load. Over-wrapping can leave the bottom of the load open to punctures by forklifts or pallet jacks. Save money on stretch film by tightly wrapping the middle of your pallet, so that less film is required for the top and bottom of the pallet.


Do you need additional edge protection?

Another way to secure your pallet is to use corner boards to avoid corner damage while moving your pallet. Using corner boards and evenly stacking your pallet before wrapping will help your facility avoid product damage.

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Invest in Superior Stretch Film

Investing in high-quality stretch films can help your business reduce pallet damage. We offer strong, reliable, stretch films that can fit your loads without breaking or losing integrity. Click here to browse our line of stretch film products.


Wrapping palletized loads by hand can cause injuries from repetitive lifting, bending, and pulling. Investing in a stretch wrapper that you can count on is more affordable, efficient, and safer than wrapping palletized loads by hand.

Need to upgrade your stretch wrapping equipment? Click here to discover semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers that are built to increase your productivity.

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