Green Packaging

Going Green: Where to Start

Throughout the recent years, there has been an increasing focus on businesses becoming more eco-friendly and ensuring they’re minimizing their impact on the environment. While this can be a daunting task for many businesses, here are a few ways to ensure your company is moving towards practicing the most environmentally friendly processes in it’s packaging.

Use better packaging- not more packaging

The quickest way to move closer towards an environmentally friendly package is by reducing the amount of packaging you’re using. Utilizing innovative solutions to offer more protection at a fraction of the materials will minimize the amount of product you put into your packaging and will decrease the waste. For example, using more efficient tape and void fill will decrease the amount needed, which will create less usage as well as less waste.

Use eco-friendly packaging materials

Products that come from recycled materials will enhance your green credentials. Corrugated boxes with a high amount of recycled content or recyclable paper-based packaging are both great options for creating more eco-friendly packaging. Options for void fill products such as biodegradable air bags and starch based foam chips are also good sustainable choices that will help move your business towards being a more eco-friendly establishment.

Introduce reusable packaging

By utilizing reusable packaging your company will deliver cost and space saving benefits. This also reduces packaging waste, improving sustainability. Materials a customer can reuse such as the Sealed Air Round Trip Mailers will also make it easy for your customer to return items without using any additional packaging. Reusable packaging is a great way to get started on a green agenda: making an experience easier on the customer, saving time and money, and reducing waste.