Recyclable Packaging

Going Green: Facility Supplies

When aiming to create a more sustainable business, simply using eco-friendly packaging is only part of the equation. To really commit to going green and to add value to your operation overall, consider bringing the facility supply eco-solutions into the everyday operations of your business. Setting examples in the workplace by utilizing green products and encouraging your team to be more mindful about their usage, waste, and footprint on the environment will show your workers that you are committed to being a more sustainable business. Keep reading for more ways to bring your company towards a greener future.

Promote mindfulness

There are a lot of ways to promote mindfulness of the environment. Encourage your team to shut off lights and save power in small ways. Another great reminder is to add recycling bins to your break room so employees will be more conscious about the waste that they produce and how they dispose of it.

Look at all your options

There are always ways to be a little bit greener. Replacing paper towel rolls with an air dryer eliminates unnecessary waste and cost in buying rolls of paper towels. This small change in facility supplis can eliminate the additional cost of paper towels. Another option if you aren’t interested in air dryers is to replace your standard paper towels with recycled paper towels, a more sustainable option over traditional paper towels.

Substitute items you already use

All companies already purchase and use cleaners. Opting for eco-friendly or all-natural facility supplies will not only be a better option for the environment but also will help your employees to stay healthy without the chemicals that traditional cleaners involve. Changing out these items that are already being used every day will substantially increase your eco-friendliness over time for a small prince- if any!