Recyclable Packaging

Going Green: Automation

In the trend of going green, companies also have to asses the use of their equipment: how is the equipment that is being currently used affecting the environment, and what changes can be made to get the business closer to a more sustainable packaging processes through automation? In some cases answer to these questions are in introducing the right automation, which oftentimes can also result in a more cost-effective solution that happens to also be more environmentally sound.

With this in mind, companies must audit their operations for optimization — meaning companies must look for products and equipment that offer greater reliability and seamless integration with up and downstream production. Using the most efficient pieces of equipment will aid in decreasing the amount of time the machines are being run (saving in energy), decrease the amount of waste, and increase the eco-friendliness of the operation.

The benefits of a more sustainable packaging process are realized with an optimized combination of both the right product and automation. Automation plays a big role in being able to control and decrease the amount of product usage while simultaneously achieving greater throughput.

“Going green” is about the environment- but it’s also becoming about saving on the bottom line. Automation comes into play in that to be more sustainable, manufacturers must figure out how do more with less while being quicker and more efficient. These innovative solutions must be able to perform at the same level while lowering costs, decreasing footprint, curbing the amount of consumable use, and even reducing the amount of labor necessary.