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Frustration Free Packaging Certification


Frustration Free Packaging is Amazon’s certification process that states that all packaged items larger than 18″ x 14″ x 8″ or items that weight 20 lbs. or more sold through Amazon must be certified as ready-to-ship within a tier of the frustration free packaging program. This program is created to reduce waste for the consumer and create a more efficient way for Amazon to ship products.


Frustration Free PackagingShips in own container (see below)Curbside recyclable packaging materialsEasy-to-openMinimal packagingNo Amazon preparation requiredMinimal damage/defect rates
Ships in Own ContainerShips without Amazon over-boxNo Amazon preparation requiredMinimal damage/defect rates
Prep Free PackagingCurbside recyclable packagingShip in product containerMinimize damageImprove unboxing experienceDrop testing and vibration testingReduce waste minimize packagingEasy to open

How Can Piedmont National Help?

Piedmont can help you reevaluate your packaging process and get certified through our partnership with Sealed Air.

  • Curbside recyclable packaging
  • Ship in product container
  • Minimize damage
  • Improve unboxing experience
  • Drop testing and vibration testing
  • Reduce waste minimize packaging
  • Easy to open

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