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Janitorial and Sanitation

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Piedmont National can assist you in choosing the right janitorial and sanitation products that meet your needs in an efficient & cost effective manner. Our product range will help keep you and your employees be happy and healthy. We offer a variety of janitorial and sanitation products to fit your needs and budget.

Paper Products

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Piedmont National offers a wide variety of paper products to meet all of your facility’s needs. Our range includes bathroom tissue dispensers, disposable seat covers, hand towels and dispensers, folded towels, tissue, paper towels and utility towels.

Kitchen Supplies

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Piedmont National offers a variety of kitchen supplies. From break rooms to coffee corners we can assist you with quality products. We offer a full range of cutlery, plates, bowls, napkins, hot and cold cups, lids, straws, food service containers, beverage dispensers and more to meet all of your needs.

Personal Hygiene

Personal protective equipment hygienic gloves and bottles of medication

Personal Hygiene is important to your business, and Piedmont National offers a variety of personal hygiene items to assist you in keeping your workplace clean and germ free and your employees happy and healthy. We offer products that range from soap and hand sanitizers to bathroom products, and more.


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Piedmont National is proud to offer a variety of health and safety items to assist you in keeping your business as safe as possible. Protecting your workers is a top priority. We offer a variety of products including latex and work gloves, eye protection, hearing protections, hair and beard nets, vests, first aid, and safety

Waste Management

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Proper receptacle use is vital to running a clean business. Piedmont National offers a range of receptacle options to fulfill all of your business’s needs and to keep your areas clean and sanitized.

Facility Maintenance

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Keeping your facility clean and organized is a priority. Clean and organized work spaces can create a more productive and safe environment for your workers. Piedmont National offers tools, vacuum cleaners, mats, sweepers, mops, brooms, brushes, ladders, service carts, step stools and light bulbs to assist you in keeping your work environment employee friendly.

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