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Shanklin A-Series

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Shanklin A Series

Model A-26A

The A-26A features adjustable height seal jaws and can automatically wrap a wide range of products, including high profile or short length items, at speeds up to 40 packages per minute. EZ film threading is optional on the A-26A, which allows operators to move machine components for full access and visibility when threading film. It is also available in a USDA approved model.

Model A-27A

The A-27A possesses all of the same features as the A-26A, but with slightly larger allowances in its maximum seal size, product size, and film width specifications. EZ film threading is standard on the A-27A. The A-27A is available in a USDA approved model as well.

Model A-28A

The large-capacity workhorse model of the A-Series, the A-28A features adjustable height seal jaws specially designed for products too large to fit through the A-26A or A-27A, and is equipped with a heavy-duty discharge conveyor to wrap much heavier product than most automatic L-Sealers can handle.

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