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Lantech S-300 Semi-Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapping System

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Lantech S300

Ideal for very light, very heavy or very unstable loads

  • Load doesn’t rotate.
  • No weight limitations.
  • Precise application of wrap force.
  • Locks load to pallet with film cable.
  • No scheduled preventative maintenance.

Tons of options available

  • 30″ Film Delivery System 15 RPM Wrap Arm Speed 110″ Wrap Height
  • Cold Package
  • Conveyor Packages Extended Warranty
  • Freezer Package
  • Lexan Plastic Cover
  • Netting Film Delivery System One Way Wrap
  • Pre-stretch Gears 100-300% Seismic Protection Package Static Collection Brush
  • Top Sheet Wrap
  • Two-Speed Roll Carriage and Wrap Arm Wrap Cycle Pause . . . and more!
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