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Lantech Q-400XT Simple Automation Stretch Wrapping System

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Work smarter. . . Keep your driver on the fork truck!

  • All of the features and benefits of our popular Q-400 with automation added:

    (1) Patented XT Cut and Clamp® automatically captures the stretch film and cuts it at the end of the wrap cycle.

    (2) Save two minutes of fork truck driver labor per load.

  • No scheduled preventative maintenance.

Click-n-Go TM Stretch Wrapping Loads at the Touch of a Button!

Enhances portability by eliminating requirement to install a ceiling- mounted lanyard.

Each unit can handle up to 3 machines.

Click-n-Go remote meets the latest safety requirements outlined by the National Electrical Code. Using infrared technology and two-step activation process, the Click-n-Go is immune to accidental activation from stray radio frequency.

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