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Clamco Magnum MD

Virtually guaranteeing package integrity, the Magnum Medical features a fully validatable sealing system for automatic packaging in barrier and Tyvek® Poly medical chevron pouches produced from tubing. The Magnum Medical is a revolutionary compact form/fill/seal system that utilizes tubing in addition to Rollbags™ (pre-opened bags on-a-roll). The tubing system offers a simple to operate, high speed, low maintenance in-line converting design that provides the benefit of hand or automatic filling of Tyvek® Poly chevron pouches. The Magnum Medical provides labor and material savings by lowering packaging costs because it forms bags in-line before they are filled and sealed.

With Magnum systems, size changes and set-up are a breeze using the built-in job storage feature and large color-touch screen. The Magnum Medical is the ultimate in reliability and ease of operation. The simplicity of the Magnum Medical is the design, which allows the use of tube stock ready for filling and thus eliminating the inconvenience of pouch handling and second operation sealing. 

Built-in interface simplifies integration of counters, scales, robotics and other automatic in-feed devices for in-line filling. With the thermal transfer printer option, the Magnum Medical can print graphics, bar codes, date codes and text in-line, as each bag is indexed through the machine, eliminating the material costs and labor expenses of applying labels.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully validatable automatic bagging system for packaging medical devices with Tyvek® pouches
  • Controls and ports provide validation and calibrations of key sealing parameters
  • Pressure and temperature sensors triggers alarm and stops seal operations when either are outside of band widths
  • Constant heat 3/8” wide seal bars either in Chevron or Straight styles
  • One-micron filter to protect pouch interior and contents from airborne particulate matter
  • Built-in Interface port integrates counters, scales, robotics and other automatic infeed devices for fully automatic packaging
  • The Magnum tube stock system offers a simple to operate, low maintenance design that provides lower material costs by forming pouches in-line as they are filled and sealed
  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Low pressure closing with obstruction detection system for improved operator safety
  • Wide color touch screen is operator friendly and has clear readable prompts and alarms
  • Adjustable from Vertical to Slanted configuration to meet your application requirements
  • Designed to minimize preventative maintenance costs
  • Large diameter rolls and variable bag length enables machine to package products of practically any length
  • Wide variety of options available for your application requirements
  • Easy adjustable stand with casters and compact design provides portability and ease of set up
  • On board memory stores multiple job data to recall at a later date
  • Strip packaging
  • Batch/job counter for better accuracy
  • Designed to meet CE requirements


Options & Accessories:

  • Meets ISO 6 standards for clean room requirements
  • Production data logs to document real time seal variables
  • Articulating load shelf for heavy weight products
  • Bag Deflator for minimizing amount of air in the bag
  • Seal Flattener to minimize wrinkles during sealing
  • In-line thermal transfer printer with 305 dpi and up to 5” wide print head (130mm) for printing bar codes, logos and variable information
  • Dual palm buttons with anti-tie down and/or light curtains for added operator safety in manual loading operations
  • Larger jaw pass-thru areas for over sized products
  • In-feed conveyors to help with kit packaging and/or product counting operations
  • Standard, adjustable, accumulating or guaranteed open funnels increase your packaging rates and accuracy
  • Bag open sensor
  • 230V 50/60 Hz operation
  • Custom options for special packaging applications
  • Spare parts kit

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