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Clamco Bagger (USED)

The Rollbag™ 1075 is the most cost-effective, automatic tabletop rollbag system available. The 1075 is compact, lightweight and utilizes Rollbags™ (pre-opened bags-on-a-roll). Using the latest technological innovations, the 1075 can fill and seal bags significantly faster than manual packaging whether using manual or automated feeding systems.

The Rollbag™ 1075 is the ultimate in reliability and ease of operation. It’s quick to set-up, easy to operate, fast and reliable for handloading, semi-automatic or fully automatic bag packaging.

With the Rollbag™ 1075, size changes are accomplished in less than a minute utilizing Rollbags™. The 1075 has an optional hot stamp printer for printing date and lot codes. A standard feature is the job storage capability to store up to 10 jobs for recall at a later date. The 1075 can also be interfaced with automatic counters, scales, and other in-feed devices.


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