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Advanced Poly Packaging T200 Tabletop Bagger

Throw away your hand sealer, and double your production or more! With our T-200 Tabletop Bagger-Sealer, you will increase production, simplify the bagging operation and decrease packaging costs.

Package fasteners, electronic components, literature, manuals, various foods, jewelry, craft items and more! By using our Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls, instead of loose bags, simply pull the bag into the loading and sealing position, and the bag blows open! Now insert the product and press a foot-switch or guard-switch (guard tilts downward cycling the bagger) to seal the bag. It’s just that simple, and quick!

Description T-200
Bag feed method Manual Registration
Seal mechanism Solid Heater Bar
Cycle operation Semi-Automatic
Bag size range 2″ x 2″ up to 11 x 16″
Film thickness 1 to 5 mil
Estimated speed 5 – 15 bags/minute
Guard-switch feature Standard
Anti-Jam seal bar Standard Safety Feature
Electric 110V/60Hz
Air .5cfm/40psi
Dimensions 19’1/2″ x 16″ x 22-1/2″
Weight 50 lbs.
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