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E-Commerce: Protective Packaging

When considering customer experience in an e-commerce shipment and delivery, it is vital to determine the effect of a package arriving damaged, or not arriving at all. If packaging doesn’t perform well, it’s possible to lose business in returned items, customer complaints, and poor reviews.

Reducing Damage

It is important for e-commerce businesses to reduce damage in packaging and shipping, for the sake of the brand and for the bottom line. Thinking outside the box to increase the protection of a package not only saves time and money from items having to be sent back, but also improves the experience customers have with the brand and the packaging. To learn more about reducing damage click here.


It’s natural to think you should put a logo on the outside of a box, but in e-commerce businesses shipping creates a new concern. The outside of a box can be vital branding and advertising space, but it also can create a situation where the package ends up being stolen. Depending on the price point of the contents, wise companies choose to use more obscure methods of outer-box branding. There are plenty of packaging options that will allow the customer to have the brand experience without compromising the security of the packaging.

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