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E- Commerce: Opening Experience

One of the main purposes of packaging in e-commerce businesses is to protect the product that the customer ordered. However, as e-commerce evolves, consumers are expecting a complete brand experience. You can add a great opening experience to your packaging to help you achieve a fully satisfied customer every time. To help you achieve the ultimate opening experience without burning out your budget, take a look at the following tips:

Efficient Branding

While the packaging is a necessity, using parts of the packaging that may already exist (boxes, bag, tape, etc.) to strategically place your branding will increase the customer experience. Not only will it be a beautiful piece of art that adds to the customer experience, it will also serve as valuable advertising and branding to everyone who lays eyes on the package. This will increase consumer loyalty for your current customers- people who have a good experience will want to return to your store and buy again and again.

Customer Impressions

As noted above, creating an unboxing experience that leaves your customers delighted will help to build your brand and create repeat businesses. You can also help to attract new customers by increasing the reach of your packaging through social media and reviews. A beautiful package and great experience can be a share-able event, furthering the advertising reach of your brand.

Innovative Packaging

It can be more environmentally friendly to utilize innovative options that optimize protection efficiency, and it’s also more economically conscious. Customers don’t like over packing because disposing of the packaging can be a hassle on their end, and for the e-commerce business owners wasteful packaging practices cost more money in materials and freight costs. Reducing excessive packaging will help your overall bottom line.

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