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Struggling with rising shipping costs?

Does your facility need to reduce shipping costs? There are a wide range of issues that can lead rising shipping costs. To reduce your shipping costs, start by examining the materials that you’re using to ship your products.

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Right-Sized Packaging

DIM Weight

If the container you’re using to ship your products isn’t the right fit, then your facility should consider trying out new corrugated materials.


According to a study by DS Smith and Forbes, consumers, especially those who value sustainability, will be more satisfied with a business that avoids empty space. 51% of customers reported that environmental issues and sustainable paper-based packaging is more important to them now than five years ago.


Customer Experience

Increasing your bottom line relies on keeping your products protected and your customers satisfied. Using boxes that are designed to fit the size your products will lower DIM weight and improve your customer experience.


Optimizing cartons with product size in mind decreases void fill costs, lowers your environmental impact, decreases shipping costs, and makes your customers happy.

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Reducing Returns and Unnecessary Fees

Decreasing shipping costs and protecting your bottom line are directly tied to reducing product damage during shipment.


Applying labels in a secure, easy-to-notice space on your package will reduce damage and increase efficiency. Incorrect adhesives on your labels can cause labels to fall off, and increasing shipping cost from fines for reapplication. It can also cause customer frustration from lost packages and delayed shipping times.


We can help you evaluate the best adhesive for your labels and make sure your equipment is running effectively no matter what size box or boxes you are using.


Want to learn more about labeling equipment? Click here.

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Decrease Product Returns From Damage

Products can be damaged from not being protected with the proper materials during shipment.

Stretch film
We can help you evaluate your stretch film containment to ensure that your pallets are stable during shipment.


Tapes and Adhesives

Using the incorrect tape for your box can be detrimental during the shipping process. We can make sure that you are taking into account the box type and shipping stress that might be occurring and ensure that you are using the correct tapes for your products.


Equipment Optimization

Another way to reduce damage and protect your bottom line is by investing in packaging equipment that can fit your packaging needs. Aging, or under-maintained equipment may not be able to effectively complete tasks like case sealing, case erecting, or shrink wrapping.


Optimize your equipment to reduce downtime and bottlenecks.

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