Are you struggling with customer retention?

Opening Experience


60-80% of customers don’t return to a business, even after expressing initial satisfaction with their experience.


Have you been losing repeat customers?


You can increase your customer retention and improve customer satisfaction by improving your opening experience.


You can innovate the unboxing experience for your customers by reducing any possible product damage.


Products that are delivered completely intact, without shifting or breaking, can emphasize the value of your product and encourage your customers to stay loyal to your brand.

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Improving Your Packaging Experience


Void Fill

Are you protecting your products?


One in ten packages arrive damaged to end line consumers due to inadequate packaging materials.


Are you shipping cartons with empty space?


Shipping products with empty space can leave your products vulnerable to damage from shifting, toppling over, breaks, or abrasions.


You can reduce empty space and avoid product damage with the right void fill materials.


Void fill products such as paper void fill and cushioning materials are lightweight, versatile, able to keep your products held in place and protect your products from damage without raising shipping costs.


Investing in the right protective packaging materials will help you reduce damage,  decrease product returns, and improve your opening experience.


Click here to browse our void fill, cushioning, and protective packaging materials.

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Reducing Returns


Corrugated Material

Are your cartons fit for the products you’re shipping?


Packing your products in appropriate cartons can keep your products protected from shifting or damage during shipping.


Are struggling to protect irregular items?


You can use products such as telescoping boxes, long boxes, and tall boxes, to package irregularly shaped items like rugs, lamps, and golf clubs.


How are you shipping your high-value items?


Heavy duty boxes, bulk cargo containers, and supershippers, are ideal for large, heavy, high-value items.


Using right-sized boxes for your products can reduce empty space, reduce damage, and improve your unboxing experience.


Click here to learn more about our full line corrugated materials.

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Ready to upgrade your unboxing?


You can improve your unboxing experience with cost-effective measures that can protect your bottom line and support your customer satisfaction.


Taking steps to prevent damage and reduce product returns will support your customers’ trust in your business and increase your customer retention, without creating packaging waste.


If you’re ready to refine your packaging process and improve your unboxing experience, we can help.


Our consultative services can provide you with the cost-effective solutions you need to increase your customer retention, reduce damage, and decrease shipping costs.

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