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Could Your Company Use a Case Sealer?

2016 is a new year, a new chance to start fresh, and an opportunity for you to make new goals for your business to meet. One of those goals might be faster, more efficient packaging and production, and Piedmont National can help you meet those goals. One way you can increase your productivity is through the addition of a case sealer into your packaging process.  A case sealer will benefit you and your company by speeding up the packaging and saving you money through increasing efficiencies and decreasing waste. Below are a few things you might want to consider when deciding if you should buy a new case sealer.

1- Faster processing

Leave it up to us! Piedmont can help you to determine how many cases per hour you are sealing and how many cases you would need to produce to meet your processing goal.

2- Efficiency

Having an efficient packaging process is the key to success. Having a case sealer that is reliable and efficient can help you to increase the number of packages that are sent out on a day to day basis and increas the productivity of your line.

3- Time

We know that your time is precious, so why waste it? Time is money, and we can help you to utilize your time as effectively as possible by evaluating your current process and showing you where you can make important improvements.