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Is it time to increase automation?

Optimize Your Equipment

Increasing automation can help you eliminate bottlenecks by increasing efficiency in your warehouse. We offer packaging equipment that can improve your tape application, label application, and case erecting. The right packaging equipment can help you increase the consistency of how your boxes are being packaged. Invest in our equipment to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and protect your bottom line.


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Reallocate Labor and Increase Your Bottom Line

Increasing automation can reduce labor costs by helping you to reallocate your labor. Investing in packaging equipment that requires little operator involvement can free up your associates to focus on high-level tasks. Completing tasks by hand is less efficient and more costly than the cost of semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging equipment.


Erecting cases by hand costs more per case than your cost for investing in a case erecting machine. It costs 0.07 cents per case to erect cases manually, and only 0.03 cents per case with a case sealing machine. Additionally, it would take warehouse associates 13 hours to hand erect 2,500 cases, but a case erecting machine could accomplish the same task in only 4 hours.


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    Wexxar WF30 Auto-Adjust Case Former

  • Wexxar WF30H

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    Wexxar WF20H Auto Hot Glue Case Former

  • Wexxar WFT

    Wexxar WF2T Auto Case Former

  • Wexxar WF2H

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    Wexxar WF 10 Auto Case Former

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    Wexxar Bel 507 Semi Auto Case Former

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    Wexxar Bel 505G3

  • Wexxar 505XL

    Wexxar Bel 505XL

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    Econocorp E-System 2000

  • Econocorp V-System


  • Econocorp Spartan

    Econocorp Spartan

  • Econcorp Pegasus

    Econocorp Pegasus

  • IPAK TF100

    IPAK- TF-100

  • IPAK

    IPAK ATL Automatic Vertical Tray Former, Self-Locking


    IPAK ATH Automatic Tray Former – Hot Glue Closure


    IPAK ABH Automatic Bliss Box Former – Hot Glue

  • IPAK RP-100

    IPAK RP-100 Automatic Returnable Plastic Container Erector

  • IPAK TF 350CF

    IPAK TF 350CF Auto Tray Former

  • IPAK TF 350B

    IPAK TF 350B Auto Tray Former

  • IPAK TF 260A

    IPAK TF 260A Auto Tray Former

  • IPAK TF 200Q

    IPAK TF 200Q Auto Tray Former

  • IPAK TF 200T

    IPAK TF 200T Auto Tray Former

  • IPAK TF 200DQ

    IPAK TF-200DQ Auto Tray Former

  • IPAK TF200

    IPAK TF-200 Auto Tray Former

  • IPAK TF300 CT

    IPAK TF300-CT Auto Tray Former

  • Eagle Poplok


  • Eagle Vassoyo Air


  • Eagle Vassoyo




  • Combi 2-EZ Case Erector

    2-EZ HS Bottom Case Erector

  • Combi TF2

    TF 2 Fast Tray Former

  • Lantech C2000

    Lantech C2000 Case Erector

  • Lantech C300

    Lantech C300 Case Erector / Case Former

  • Loveshaw SP-304R

    Little David SP-304R BO, Bottom Only Case Former

  • Little David CF5

    Little David CF-5 Stainless Erector/Case Former

  • Loveshaw 50T

    Little David CF-50T Automatic Case Former

  • Little David CF5

    Little David CF-5 Case Erector/Case Former

  • Loveshaw CF25

    Little David CF-25 Case Erector / Case Former

  • Lantech C1000

    Lantech C1000 Case Erector

  • Lantech C400 Case Erector/Case Former

    Lantech C400 Caser Erector/ Case Former

  • Lantech CI 1000/ CI 2000

    Lantech CI 1000 Case Erector/ Case Former

  • Lantech CI 1000/ CI 2000

    Lantech CI 2000 Case Erector/ Case Former

  • Wexxar Delta 1

    DELTA 1 Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM System

  • Wexxar Bel 505G4

    BEL 505G4 Semi-Automatic Case Erector

  • Wexxar Bel Ipack TF330

    TF330GH Tray Former

  • Combi 2-EZ HM Case Erector

    2-EZ HM Case Erector

  • Combi 2-EZ SB Case Erector

    2-EZ SB Case Erector

  • Combi 2-EZ IL Case Erector

    2-EZ IL Case Erector

  • Combi 2-EZ XL case erector

    2-EZ XL Case Erector

  • Combi 2-EZ SB RTE case erector

    2-EZ SB RTE Sanitary Case Erector

  • Combi CE-10 Case Erector

    CE-10 Case Erector

  • Combi Ambidextrous 2-EZ HS

    Ambidextrous Bottom Taping 2-EZ® HS Case Erector

  • Combi RCE Case Erector

    RCE Robotic Random Case Erector

  • Combi HTF Horizontal Tray Former

    HTF Horizontal Tray Former

  • Combi BCF Beverage Carrier Former

    BCF Beverage Carrier Former

  • Combi TF 40G Tray Former

    TF 40G Tray Former